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A systematic approach to recruitment

The search for the ideal can take a very long time. Walk in a circle, lowering the bar, and returning to where you started. The same employer during the unsuccessful search of an employee with the necessary qualifications very soon realizes that the ideal cannot be found, and the person in the workplace is needed tomorrow.

Gifted, diligent, communicative, executive, tireless, uncompromising, and undaunted. The combination of all these desirable qualities in the search for an employee is characteristic of a robot, but not of a person. And assuming that such a candidate is found, it is difficult to imagine his or her "price. Facing reality often forces business owners to act spontaneously, making rash decisions.
A systematic approach to finding candidates allows for the selection of the best, defining in advance their roles and position in the hierarchy of the company.

First of all, you need to clearly understand who exactly you are looking for. What qualifications and skills are required? What personal qualities are needed for the job? Prepare a "requirements card" that outlines: lower and upper salary limits, KPIs, benefits, exact salary figures (lower and upper salary limits), social benefits, development and training plan.

When recruiting personnel for client companies, EMAT EOOD consultants thoroughly study the structure of their business, generate questionnaires for candidates and prepare terms of reference for each vacancy.

Selecting the requirements that the job seeker must meet helps to quickly screen out unsuitable candidates. When reviewing resumes or conducting interviews, pay attention to the candidate's personal qualities. The candidate should fit your company's culture and have similar values.
Don't limit your search to message boards and online resources. You can post open positions and get applications from interested candidates. Use LinkedIn and social media to find the right candidates.
One of the best ways to find qualified employees is to get references from those who work for you. Ask them if they know someone who would be a good fit for the position, and offer to pass along their resume or contact information. Chances are you'll get some quality leads that way!

Once you've gathered a group of potential candidates, don't delay and interview them. It's important not only to assess their professionalism and skills, but also to understand how well they fit the spirit of your team. This applies both to personal preferences and to the job in which we spend most of our lives.

Checking references is crucial before making final hiring decisions. Recommendations from former employers or co-workers can provide valuable information about a potential employee.
An individual approach based solely on personal preference faces certain ethical challenges at some point. Meanwhile, the purely systematic approach ignores intuition and acts at one's own risk. A systematic approach seeks to minimize the degree of personal bias in the selection process. This requires a series of established procedures that interrelate with each other and lead to a rational selection of the best candidates.

Emat company provides expertise and solutions in management consulting, dividing the problems in conventional recruitment into twelve subsystems. These include: workforce plan (vacancies, numbers, deadlines), job analysis, job description, person specification, marketing, response processing, shortlisting, candidate evaluation, selection, getting references, making an offer, launching new hires.
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