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HR marketing. How to find the best

We have the best company! We are the best! We are the only ones! These enthusiastic phrases we hear very often. From managers at various levels and business owners. The degree of enthusiasm is off the charts when they talk about their company and offer a job to a specialist they are interested in. Usually in the course of the conversation we say one simple and short word: "Prove it!" After that, very often the interlocutor deflates and changes the subject of the conversation. Let's explore why.

The labor market has changed beyond recognition in recent years. The competition has grown and the demands have changed. Previously companies were free to choose from a large number of potential candidates, but now they have to compete not only with other companies in their industry, but also with foreign companies ready to offer more money and better working conditions. It takes change and change to attract new employees and retain those who are already employed.
Understanding that an employee is the backbone of any business, and that you have to invest in this resource, does not come at once. The employer has to "sell" itself, take care of the name and maintain the image.

Under these conditions, HR marketing becomes a truly indispensable tool. HR marketing is more than just finding new employees. It is a science that uses marketing theories and techniques in the context of human resource management. HR marketing applies conventional and unconventional strategies to promote a company in the labor market, where the object of interest is the potential employee.

The purpose of HR-marketing is to create a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship between the employer and the employee. Each person wants his work to be appreciated - financially and morally; he needs respect from colleagues and superiors; he needs to understand the prospects and make plans.
In terms of marketing, an employee of certain qualifications, which are sometimes very hard to find, is a "client" and the object of the deal. And the company that is looking for a specialist is the "product." It all seems to be simple, and it is necessary to act in accordance with the established rules of management and advertising. But each person is unique, and there is no single scheme. It is necessary to take into account his personal qualities: abilities, skills, knowledge, and to understand the reasons that influence the choice.
Many companies have long used platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter to promote and publicize their name. In a competitive environment where potential candidates are considering multiple offers, it is important to work on the organization's brand. The manager and owner must clearly understand what, in addition to money, he or she can attract a top-notch professional, a good employee, and what more than just material values can bring to his or her life.

Advertising campaigns for recruiting, creating the image and positioning of the company, attracting candidates, as well as retaining, and sometimes even returning the staff - all this is done by the HR marketer.

In our rather difficult and hectic times it can be expensive not only in terms of resources, but also in terms of time, to create a new HR marketing department separately. Good professionals are needed urgently, and their search sometimes drags on for a long time. Making HR Marketing the responsibility of the HR Department, or HR specialists or marketing department, is often, especially for small businesses, is not rational. And to assess the professionalism and effectiveness of the HR marketer is difficult.
It is faster and easier to hire an external independent career and HR marketing consultant who has not only the necessary knowledge but also sufficient experience in attracting, engaging, evaluating, selecting and hiring personnel.

Specialists in the field of management consulting of Emat company assume all matters of HR marketing: search and segmentation of the target audience, promotion of company's brand, communication with potential candidates through all possible channels of communication.

Emat ltd's consultants analyze the company's microclimate, select tools for financial and non-financial motivation of personnel, conduct personnel audits, select new employees and help to return those who left due to misunderstanding.
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