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How to Choose a Software Development Company

Penetration audit by Emat EOOD it company
An IT company that not only talks about code, but also understands the nuances of industry specifics, understands the customer and their needs. Is it possible to find one? Of course you can! Where do you start looking? What do you need to look for? Does the client need to understand the technology? How do you know that the cost of the project is real and you are not being cheated? How much can you trust the contractor?

Software development is a task that requires careful preparation and planning. Whether you are launching a startup, refining an outdated digital product or creating a new application, it is important to choose a reliable contractor who will be able to deliver your project on time and with quality. The experts at Emat EOOD Bulgaria have prepared a checklist of things to consider when choosing a contractor.
Where to start: objectives and requirements
Before you start looking for an IT company, you need to clearly define the goals and objectives of your project. What exactly do you want to build? What functionality do you need to implement? What problems will the software you develop solve? Understanding the end goal will allow you to better formulate your requirements to the contractor and simplify the entire development process.

To find software development companies, use: search engines, recommendations, forums, catalogues, social networks. By browsing websites, you can get basic information about experience, development tools, previous clients and specialisation. Look at platforms like Clutch, Upwork and LinkedIn. And of course, ask, ask and don't be shy. The personal experience of references will make your choice much easier.
Intrinsic intranet penetration test by Emat company
Experience and reputation
Look for software development experience in your industry. Companies that have worked on similar projects can offer valuable insights and proven solutions. Also research the company's reputation in the market - customer reviews and ratings can tell you a lot about the reliability and quality of their services.

Check the qualifications and skills of key specialists and team members. IT companies may not always be able to provide a detailed portfolio or describe their software products in detail due to confidentiality and non-disclosure clauses. However, it is possible to assess their experience based on basic information about previous projects. Emat always conducts a reputation check on the contractor before starting a collaboration.
Technology Stack
According to the PYPL Programming Language Popularity Index, the seven most popular programming architectures account for more than 85% of projects worldwide. Emat EOOD programmers use them in software development because each of these languages has its own unique characteristics. While it's not necessary for clients to have a deep understanding of the technologies, understanding the basics can be helpful. Find out what technologies and programming languages your chosen company uses, and what project management methodologies they use (e.g. Agile, Scrum). You can hire a consultant to help you understand technical issues and monitor the quality of development.

Техническое задание
Документ, в котором подробно описываются основные требования к проекту и исполнителям, - это техническое задание. Оно включает:
  • Описание проекта и его целей
  • Функциональные и нефункциональные требования
  • Описание целевой аудитории
  • Технические требования (платформы, интеграции)
  • Требования к дизайну и интерфейсу пользователя
  • Пожелания по срокам и этапам выполнения
  • Условия постпроектной поддержки
  • Условия по корректировке ошибок и обновлению функций
  • Меры и приоритеты безопасности
  • Условия тестирования
  • Отчетность, контрольные точки, промежуточные результаты

Поддержка и обновление ПО - это отдельный этап, который требует времени и ресурсов. Важно помнить: функциональность и обновляемость - ключевые факторы качественного программного продукта.
Emat EOOD has created a continuous monitoring program
How do I estimate the cost of a project?
Compare several quotes from different companies. Look at the details of the quote, the cost justification, the deadlines, the development stages, the payment procedure and the cancellation policy. Choose the proposal with the most transparent calculations that clearly explain each item of the estimate. Include any unforeseen costs in the budget reserve.

Emat EOOD knows that it is easy to start working with customers who already have a clear vision of the product and a list of requirements fixed on paper. If the customer only has a product idea, Emat EOOD's specialists start researching the upcoming project and proceed iteratively: gathering information, agreeing on requirements, current tasks, approving the terms of reference and planning sprints.
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