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Azure. Digital Transformation

Emat EOOD has helped many enterprises modernize their business processes and systems
When you think about what modern technologies your business needs, try to understand what needs to be changed in processes, services and product, you may not even be able to do that you have begun a digital transformation of your company. Digital transformation is a technological opportunity, don't miss it! Only the use of modern business management systems will automate processes and develop new business models.

Emat EOOD has helped many enterprises modernize their business processes and systems.

The pandemic and global challenges has pushed the majority of the company to change something and urgently start using cloud computing technologies. Most modern companies use a hybrid approach (a combination of a local environment and one or more public clouds) or a multi-cloud approach (several public clouds). Microsoft writes in its blog that over the past 12 months: 83% of those who work in both hybrid and multi-cloud environments reported an increase in revenue compared to 58% of users who do not use hybrid and non-ultra-cloud environments.
Emat EODD Bulgaria automates the storage and processing of large amounts of data
All successful business solutions are based primarily on experience. It is the basis of all forecasts, the basis for analysis. Decisions about any changes in the business can only be made by constantly analyzing data on: the behavior of customers (partners, buyers), about digital transactions, business-specific parameters. Since the world does not stand still, and competitors breathe in the back, such decisions have to be made constantly. BIG DATA technologies, predictive analytics, cloud computing and IoT (Internet of things) come to the fore.

Emat EOOD Bulgaria automates the storage and processing of large amounts of data, and with the massive transformation of the customer's business, it moves it to the Microsoft Azure cloud analytics platform.

It is this step that helps to combine disparate data into a single analytical system, collect data sets for building machine learning models, and continuously monitor the KPI performance of a particular business.
Start small with just one solution (Microsoft 365 migration, Azure infrastructure migration, migration from a local ERP or CRM solution) or do everything at once. Emat company will develop and offer solutions for your particular industry and company.

Emat development specializes in the implementation of financial and business management systems, helps customers optimize their business processes. Specifically for this purpose, Microsoft Azure has created a comprehensive integrated portfolio of cloud solutions for Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 CRM, Dynamics 365 ERP Solutions.
Properly designed and used correct software will help simplify your business and financial systems and maximize efficiency and performance, regardless of your business size or business needs.

Our innovative technical team will deploy your software in the cloud. Emat EOOD ltd knows that you can create a great product and achieve super results with it only after a thorough immersion in the customer's business. The key to creating unique software is the ability to clearly understand what problems the customer constantly solves, what goals he wants to achieve by ordering new software, which is important in the operation of systems and processes of his business.
Emat EODD it company helps you optimize the cloud-based business with the Azure platform
Azure machine learning simplifies the development, experimentation, and deployment of artificial intelligence models. This allows you to configure logic directly on cross-platform IoT devices.

With the Azure platform, you create reliable applications, solve new business tasks, create, manage and deploy business applications. Emat EOOD it company helps you optimize your cloud-based business applications and operations.
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