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Remote working is a win-win option

Working from home improves productivity. "Remote workers" work 40% longer at home than in the office. Data from the National Bureau of Economic Research show that a telecommuter works about 48.5 minutes longer on average. For full-time employees, this can amount to more than 193 extra hours of work per year. That said, many employees see telecommuting as a privilege, looking for ways to improve their work-life balance.

Remote work. Benefit
Remote working benefits both employers and employees. Employers can hire geographically dispersed professionals and reduce overheads, while employees gain flexibility, save time and reduce costs such as transportation.

The modern work philosophy for an employee looks something like this
- Work where you are most successful
- A job must satisfy professional and personal needs
- Wherever and however you work, you should be treated fairly and equally
Telecommuting is emerging as a new management tool. Implemented correctly, it increases employee productivity and adds value to the company. It makes it possible to hire the most talented and creative. Those who work remotely tend to be less stressed.

A decade ago, most employers believed that working regularly from home would lead to a loss of productivity. Both business processes and people had to be monitored at all times. Now it's no surprise to anyone that you can work: completely remotely or partially; from your home office, a co-working space or elsewhere. An employee can be geographically remote from both his company and the customers he serves.

Manage remotely
In 2024, the lack of remote working options is a major barrier to hiring prospective employees.
Managing remote employees and a hybrid team can be a challenge. You need to maintain cohesion, adjust, monitor and control . How do you organise remote workers to work together effectively? How do you manage at a distance, keep things under control without going overboard?

Who can work remotely without problems?
Of course, not all employees can be offered telecommuting. Those who can be easily supervised, even at a distance, will be more likely to work remotely or in a hybrid mode of working. Their work can be very demanding, but does not require constant offline contact and is not directly linked to production - these are the employees of
- sales departments
- marketing departments
- accounting departments
- call centres
- engineering department
- IT companies

Working from home may be a suitable option for those with health problems, sensitivity to the environment, occasional symptoms, mobility impairment or chronic illness.
Planning and supervision
As a manager, hold regular and pre-scheduled meetings via Skype or Microsoft Meetings. Ensure communication between employees. Connect to online versions of Slack and Google Hangouts.

You can't work remotely without technology. Employees need to have secure access to the important files they need to perform their tasks effectively. Make sure everyone has access to centralised online resources such as SharePoint, Smartsheet, Dropbox, Google Docs.

Standardise cyber security measures and practices, make sure all employees install and use cyber security software correctly.

Clear goals
Setting clear goals for each employee helps at all stages of work. Set target dates.
New employees
New employees need support. Give them the attention they need. Have someone to guide them through the process (HR, manager, department manager).

Employee performance monitoring is essential. But if you unnecessarily check in on remote employees several times a day just to see how things are going they may think you don't trust them.

Corporate culture
Keep your remote employees in the loop on company news. Trust them to make decisions that previously required a manager's involvement.

Emat EOOD Bulgaria provides corporate consulting services for managers and business owners. Emat company's consultants scrutinise the customer's business structure, identify risks and investigate the mutual influence of management and remote employees. They develop measures for the effective management of remote employees and a hybrid team tailored to the client's business.
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